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Greetings beautiful people.
  Thank you for taking the time to visit our page.  SGL (Same Gender  Loving) officially became a non-profit group we founded in 2014.  We  started this group to unite Same Gender Loving people and those who  liken themselves to them; to enjoy each others company and spread  the LOVE.
  The birth of this group started with a circle of close friends taking  annual trips to the mountains for the weekend. The serenity and peace of the atmosphere allowed us to commune with nature and friends as  we renewed the relationships we built, shared our dreams, our love  and quality time.  Then it grew into something that was amazing...  the inaugural SGL cruise.  It was awesome to see this once small group of  friends suddenly grow into what is becoming a “family”with loving  genuine spirits. We partied. We shared. We had a BLAST.  
While Keith and Mark are the nucleus for this growing organization,  their hearts’ true desire is to allow those members of SGL to showcase  the wealth of talents in the enterprise of future endeavors.
Plans for the future of SGL are to become a philanthropic and  community driven entity making a difference where it’s most needed.   SGL members is gaining momentum  in that vein by creating a Supper  club. This arm of SGL will fellowship and feed those dealing with HIV  /AIDS.  
As founders of SGL, we believe the group is blessed beyond any stretch of our own imagination by its many members from different  backgrounds across the globe becoming a part of this positive and  uplifting organization.
We would like to thank everyone who took the chance with us on our  first event.  We want everyone to love yourself and be yourself. Have  an opened mind and a willingness to sow good seed that willl only  blossom in the fertile soil of the same gender love we all embrace.
Keith & Mark 







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