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This year's Fun Pass has been combined as requested. The Fun Pass part will increase as we get closer to cruise day. $175.00, $50.00 and $50.00.  Total $275.00. The $175 covers entry into all SGL  Crurise events on the ship and will increase as we get closer to cruise date. $50 covers transportantion from the host hotel to cruise port and back to host hotel or airport. $50 covers transportation from the ship to the Beach Event and back. There are two ways to purchase the FP.  Zelle or Cashapp.  Zelle is free of service fees but if Cashapp is your preference, please add an extra $7.00 for service fee.  Please keep a copy of your receipt for your record.  The Fun Pass is vital to the success of the cruise.  It pays for our private space on the cruise, entertainment and so much more to make it the BEST experience you'll ever have. So please get your Fun Pass early to save your coins.  DON'T wait till the last minute or you will miss out on all the fun. 

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