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The Talent Show is back with Host Niesha Dupree from Atlanta,Ga. This time around, the talent show will be a benfit  show. This is our way to give back to the community.  Tips are welcome and appreciated and will be donated to a worthy charity. If you would like to be in the Talent Show, you can signup at the Host Hotel and on the Ship. Please  bring CD'S ONLY of the song you would like to perform.










Dupree created Stars of the Century in 2000, when it premiered at Traxx Atlanta.  It remained there for the next six years.  Dupree’s motivation behind the founding of the show was not so much about establishing sole stardom for herself than it was about giving her sisters a place where they could all shine as well.  Her goal was especially important when those divas were sometimes given short shrift by club owners. This years Talent Show is all about our cruisers.

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